Arad Senki 05

Episode 05 finished!

This episode took a little longer than the others, due to me starting a new job, so I’ve been working like 9-10 hours a day.
But, I tried doing as much as I could when I was free.

A little side note: Pandora Hearts 10 will be a little delayed, due to our PH translator having some exams or something, but in the meantime, you can enjoy Arad Senki :)

And btw, we still want your votes :P

Anyway, here is links:

Episode 05:
Torrent | DDL
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6 Responses to “Arad Senki 05”

  • N4m:

    thanks a lot for spending you precious after work time for this

  • james the fucking great master of pimpland:

    let me fucking kiss you fucking neck and lick your fucking foots!what a fuckinggreat fucking subs! keep fucking going on this fucking show and fucking dont fucking dare fucking to drop this fucking animu! Fucking fuck that fucking way!

  • Hime:

    i love you kyuubisubs <33 you very fast more than from I am imaging.damn for Ronery they verrry slow as Turtles ~.~thx for the hard job kyuubisub^^

  • MPVee:

    easy on the F word. Fuck is so last decade! :)

  • semirenomal:

    two episode more and you catch up with ronery when i stop to follow them and will start with you. For now, i just check you work and seems that its good, much good from ronery.

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