Arad Senki 06

YATTA! Episode 06 :D

Nothing to report really, except PH still being late, PH10 can maybe be expected the upcoming friday, and PH11 will be a bit behind as well, sorry about this… But we will catch up, so dont worry!

Enjoy Arad Senki in the meantime :D

And btw, we still want your votes for support :P

Anyway, here is links:

Episode 06:
Torrent | DDL
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6 Responses to “Arad Senki 06”

  • Infinity:

    Almost back at where I was, only the last strokes left. Keep it up!

  • N4m:

    awesomethanks a lot

  • MPVee:

    not to be annoying, but it’s been quite some time since kyuubi promised a release of PH in widescreen is it going along? are you guys running into more issues encoding it?

    • kyuubisubs:

      @MPVee:Yeah we know, its the karaoke.. it was a big hassle to edit into fitting the WS version.We managed to fix it, but havent been able to release it yet, due to our karaoker been busy/running into private issues etc.Its unfortunate I know, we keep running into mishappenings, but there’s nothing we can do about that, stuff happens :/anyway… PH WS will come… Our karaoker is working on it, I think he got some of the first episodes done. So we should be able to release it soon, hopefully :/

  • KillerTaco:

    @MPVee: I’m truly sorry for this… But as kyuubisubs said, we have a problem with our karaoker. But it’s getting fixed right now. After what I heard, he had PH WS 1 & 2 almost finished (only missing ending?).When we get them out, we will make sure everybody knows it :D

  • MPVee:

    ah ok. I just wanted to get an update. If the karaoker is having private issues to deal with then that is understandable.Anyways, don’t rush it, I was only just looking for an update. Good work on a constant release of different animes.

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