Arad Senki 07

YATTA! Episode 07 :D

We’re catching up pretty fast, soon we’ll be up to date on this show, so far 12 episodes has aired. And we already have episode 8 about half-way translated.

And please, vote for us, we’d really like a showing rating on AniDB for this show, and it takes about 15 votes to get the rating to show a score, instead of N/A.

So help us out, and be honest when you vote!

Anyway, here is links:

Episode 07:
Torrent | DDL
XDCC Bot: /msg Kyuubi|Firianoch xdcc send #32



4 Responses to “Arad Senki 07”

  • JMed:

    Thanks for the Release! I just voted on AniDB, they should update the ratings soon, since you guys already have 17 votes on this show :oD

  • kyuubisubs:

    Thanks man :)And yeah, they are slow at updating those ratings on AniDB, they’ve always been.Anyway, hope you enjoy the episode :)

  • semirenomal:

    Next episode will be my follow path with you, so lets be soon.

  • N4m:

    Thank you again for the releaselooking forward to the next ones

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