Arad Senki 08

Episode 08 done!

Here is Episode 8 for those who have waited for this :)
Creds to YuUichiben for fast translations.

Notice: Pandora Hearts 11 will hopefully be released late this weekend, sorry for being 1 week behind, but thats how it is.

Thanks for all your honest votes everyone, we’ve got us a great rating! :D

You can still vote, if you’d like, be honest though!

Anyway, here is links:

Episode 08:
Torrent | DDL
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5 Responses to “Arad Senki 08”

  • N4m:

    awesome againmuchos thanks to all of you

  • Infinity:

    I’ve waited for this, god knows how long I waited for this.I thank they from the bottem of my heart, finally the story continues in EXCELlent quality.I’ll most defitely enjoy this.Now to continue where I left of 2-3 weeks ago.Thanks

  • Ash:

    *snif* no news about pandora 11 … so sad :(

  • james the fucking great master of pimpland:

    well, we have the 18 now. how long do you need more?

    • kyuubisubs:

      if you paid attention to anything ive been saying you’d already know this:WE HAVE NO TRANSLATORS FOR ARAD SENKI!its a bit hard to translate it, without a translator :(

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