Fairy Tail OVA 02

Fairy Tail OVA 02!

Enjoy the 2nd OVA. It was decent in my opinion.
Lots of reference jokes.


OVA 02:
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35 Responses to “Fairy Tail OVA 02”

  • Yay! Greta work Kyuubi (:

  • Omega:

    The Fairy Tail OVA 2 is out, very nice.

  • Horsepox:

    “Decent” better mean lots of bewbs!

  • Dark Ren:

    expecting DDL in next hour or so :P

  • cybeast777:

    Wow this release didn’t actually take that long at all. Thanks a lot again!:)

  • Ginko:

    No 720p for this one?

    • kyuubi:

      @Ginko: As I’ve said before on the first OVA, these wont be in 720p. They didnt air on TV. They were only released on DVD with the latest manga volume. The only way you’d get the OVA’s in 720p is if you upscaled them to that resolution, which is just retarded, cause quality would suck.

      • Ginko:

        Oops, I forgot you already addressed that issue in the 1st OVA post. :P

        Anyway, thanks for your work!

  • Not sure if you’ve noticed this, but in the OP for this it shows Charle, as having an ‘s’ on the end

  • kyuubi:

    @Force Gaia: yup, i did notice. it was the same in the first OVA as well.
    but i dont care. if her name is Charles, thats just retarded, since its a male name. and when spoken it doesnt even sound one bit like Charles at all either.

    • Yeah i thought that too when i first saw it.

      I’m also pleased that you romanise Erza, Juvia and Gerrard, as a mate of mine is a horriblesubs whore and refuses to refer to them in any other way than Elza, Jubia and Jellal which drives me nuts as he shows he’s too stupid to realise that those are due to the Japanese language in itself, or he’s just too stubborn.

  • dymitr:

    Awesome, second OVA get!!!

  • dymitr:

    “And to the people who had trouble playing our release of the first OVA, this is a DVDRIP, so it has AC3 sound.You need the proper AC3 codecs or a good player like MPC-HC or VLC.”

    —> VLC isn’t a good player :S ,
    DON’T USE IT!!!

    • animerox:

      Wait, so GOM player or Quicktime won’t work? Are VLC and MPPC-HC the only programs that can work to hear the sound of OVA 1 and 2? O 0 O|||

      • kyuubi:

        @animerox: lol, no of course not. it should work fine with any player. just that i had reports months ago when we released OVA01 that some people had issues playing the audio, cause they were noobs.

        To use MPC-HC was just a suggestions from me overall. Cause thats overall the best player out there, and should in my opinion be used to play EVERYTHING. Movies, tv-shows, animes whatever.

  • kyuubi:

    True, but at least it can play this without any issues like all the noobs had on OVA01 cause they either had shit like Zoom Player or fail codecs.

    people fail is fail :D

    MPC-HC ftw!

    • alexvrb:

      Yeah you can play these releases fine on just about any player. I use WMP for everything and it works fine. But you have to know what you’re doing, have the right codecs and not a lot of junk codecs/filters. So a lot of times groups will recommend a player that either is bundled or has internal versions of various decoders/filters. Players like MPC-HC and VLC help cut down on support issues, because they don’t require the user to really know anything to get it to work, they play just about anything fine out of the box.

      VLC does have some issues, but it works fine on most boxes.

  • LordOmnit:

    Wait, what? This- already out? What? Awesome!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Horsepox:

    I don’t know why people rag on VLC so much. I use to work with a speed-sub team and I would always use VLC and still use it to date, it played all of our releases and any other sub groups just fine no matter the format. You can’t get better customization then VLC and I’ve never run into a single issue with any of our releases or any animes/movies that I’ve downloaded over the years.

    Use what works for you but I don’t think you need to boycott something just because some people say it’s “bad”.

  • Seiya:

    The reference jokes were so freaking hilarious! I almost cried when you first see the “Mist Gun Peddler” shout “ANIMA!!!” XD

  • Thebear80:

    Dont get me wrong, I love em and their hilarious, but is it me or are the OVAs borderline hentai/super fan service? lol.

  • kyuubi:

    @Thebear80: That’s how fairy tail is supposed to be, the manga is more like that. Difference between the OVA’s and the anime is that the OVA’s havent been censored cause they are not on TV. The anime is super censored.

    • Thebear80:

      lol isnt MOST anime (esp in the States)

    • alexvrb:

      The censoring part I definitely agree with. But even the FT manga isn’t a full-time fanservice deal like OVA 1 was, far from it. It has its moments, but it’s like… an appropriate amount. Some nice shots here and there. OVA 1 was basically all fanservice plus a little bit of ughh plot. OVA 2 is just kind of mediocre all the way around. Just my opinion.

      • alexvrb:

        By “definitely agree with” I mean to say that I agree that they censor the hell out of the anime vs the manga. I wasn’t saying that I think it was a good idea. Although it did help make it more mainstream, which helped make it easier for them to make more seasons. So I guess it’s a double-edged sword.

  • kyuubi:

    @Seiya: Yup, that Mist Gun Peddler joke was hilarious :D Thus more proof that his name is Mistgun, and not Mystogan… like I’ve been saying all along.

    • skydrill:

      but on fairy tail epi 86 you sub mistgun as mystogan O.o

      • kyuubi:

        @skydrill: Yeah, cause we started out with Mistgun, then changed to Mystogan. And wasn’t sure if I should change back to Mistgun again. It would confuse people for sure, and thats why I didnt change it.

  • Gordon Shumway:

    Where does this second OVA fit into the episode numbers? I realize that many OVAs are stand-alone and aren’t really part of the *normal* timeline, but sometimes I’ve seen them on other series as “12.5″ or “27″ (in a 26-episode season) or something like that. I’m just wondering if there is an approximate fit. For example, I thought the first OVA sort of fit as “75.5″ because you could squeeze it in between story arcs without interrupting the story “flow”, if you will. But now we’re in the middle of the Edolas arc, so is there a good spot to fit this one in? Thanks for all of your hard work – this is a great series.

  • kyuubi:

    @Gordon Shumway: No, it’s stand-alone.

    Sure, the manga omake its based on was numbered something like chapter “94.5″ or something (can’t remember what number exactly it was). But this is only partially based on that omake, since in the manga omake, Wendy wasnt in it, but here she is. So timeline isnt the same.

    Same with the first OVA, the omake it was based on, Wendy wasn’t supposed to be in it either. Since those bonus chapters occured in the manga before Wendy was first introduced. But since the OVA’s are released after Wendy has been long since introduced into the show, they had to put her in it.

    • Gordon Shumway:

      Thanks for the info. After watching, it’s clear that the “Mist Gun Peddler” joke mentioned by others above puts this well into the Edolas arc, but obviously it’s not part of that story line. And it was Wendy’s use of a line at 18:01 that was a lot like something Happy usually says that made me laugh. :)

  • kyuubi:

    @alexvrb: Yeah, the OVA’s are definitely fanservice ^^
    But I’d say the manga omakes they are based upon is also fanservice.

  • Ryuuhei:

    Yeah, all’s great, good work, but only thing, that sucks, is OVA itself. Unfortunately, I didn’t like this one, first one was much better. ˇ_ˇ

  • kyuubi:

    @Ryuuhei: Indeed. First one was much better :3

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